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Recognized self-assessment tests

Below you will find 2 tests that measure the symptoms that often occur in relation to the two specific challenges

  1. A traumatic event
  2. Anxiety                          

The tests are very good tools to monitor symptoms over time: Are we making improvements? Does our work have the desired effect?

This self-report test measures the symptoms that are typical after a very stressful experience. The test was developed by Veterans Affairs, National Center for PTSD, i USA.

IMPORTANT: The test is not a diagnosis, just an indication of the extent of your symptoms. A PTSD diagnosis can only be made by professionals, trained in the diagnosis of PTSD (physician/psychiatrist).

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This anxiety screening test is called the Beck Anxiety Inventory. The test focuses primarily on the physical symptoms that may be associated with anxiety.

Obviously there are several anxiety tests, each with different scores for each individual. Remember: the result is only an indication and is NOT a diagnosis.

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Jens Kristian Møller

Whether we work remotely or in person, my goal is the same::

I want us to create a notable change in every session. We reduce the pain. Physical or mental.

Si sufre de dolores crónicos, síntomas después de una experiencia traumática,  estrés o ansiedad,  sentirá un cambio notable con una sesión.

Una sesión puede ser el punto de partida para un gran cambio.


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