Test: Symptoms related to anxiety

Below is a list of 21 common symptoms related to anxiety. Please read carefully each item in the list.

For each question select the response that Indicate how much you have been bothered by that symptom during the past month, including today.

Krævede felter er markeret med *

1.Numbness or tingling *
2.Feeling hot *
3.Wobbliness in legs *
4.Unable to relax *
5.Fear of worst happening *
6.Dizzy or lightheaded *
7.Heart pounding/racing *
8.Unsteady *
9.Terrified or afraid *
10.Nervous *
11.Feeling of choking *
12.Hands trembling *
13.Shaky / unsteady *
14.Fear of losing control *
15.Difficulty in breathing *
16.Fear of dying *
17.Scared *
18.Indigestion *
19.Faint / lightheaded *
20.Face flushed *
21.Hot/cold sweats *



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