Er det tid til en forandring?

Get rid of your symptoms

Sessions that can make a big difference

Pain and other symptoms after a traumatic experience

The transformation of a traumatic experience often occurs during one session.

We cannot change what has happened, but we can very quickly change your perception of the experience. We make the experience “neutral”, we transform it forever.

Du vil opleve en meget stor forandring med en enkelt session.

Chronic pain

Do you believe that there is a connection between your chronic pain and your thought pattern? Specific experiences? Your lifestyle?

Many people do not …

If you do, then we can reduce your pain. No matter how long you’ve had them

The vast majority will experience less pain after the first session. And the journey to pain-free is far shorter than you think!

Anxiety (exam or other)

Sometimes the hard work is being is ruined by anxiety, that appears when you most need to be calm.

In one session, we work with the specific symptoms that you experience when you feel the anxiety.

Resultatet vil være mindre stressende eksamener, som uvilkårligt vil give bedre karakterer.

Du vil opleve en mærkbar forandring efter én session.


A high level of stress is often triggered by recent changes, events and “problems”.

In one session, we work with the situations and events that require far too much energy from you right now.

We take “air out of the balloon”, so it all take up less space in your consciousness.

You will feel energized after one session.

Fear of flying (or other phobias)

Would you like to go flying again ?.

The vast majority of single phobias can be removed in one session.

We are talking about single phobias (fears, spiders, heights, frogs, etc.).

After one session, you are back in the flight seat.

Without a job

Getting fired often comes as a shocking surprise. Especially after many years of employment.

If it is very uncomfortable to think about the moment you received the news, then one session can help you put the experience behind you.

We bring you back into balance with yourself. Then you can focus all your energy to look ahead.

One session will make you more ready for a new job.

My office in Odense and the world

I have my office in Denmark, but the world is still my office. I have been offering online sessions for many years, with great success.

Your symptoms and your situation will always be very special. If you would like to hear my opinion, how I think I can help you, then feel free to contact me.

We can also hook up online, that will give you a very good impression of online coaching/therapy.


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